Welcome to the Coalition of Handwriting Analysts International, LTD (CHAI) website.  This site is for anyone interested in any aspect of the analysis and examination of handwriting. 

CHAI has been granted permanent status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to research and education.  Donations and memberships are tax deductible.

This website was designed to educate the public regarding the science of handwriting analysis.  Handwriting analysis is evidence based and outcome driven.  CHAI promotes a community of practice through education, research, and instruction.

This Community of Practice has been especially designed to provide the following:
A warm and professional atmosphere, an opportunity to practice handwriting analysis and sharpen skills, a structured environment for learning and practice, and an interactive sharing of knowledge and expertise between individuals in all professional fields.

Our organization is looking for volunteers to participate in our research project. Please be sure to visit the research room.  This study will be used to support the core research on brain impairment seen in handwriting.

Be sure to read the newsletters both present and past.  These newsletters include articles which cover many topics related to handwriting analysis and document examination.  CHAI is continually updating this site so return often.

Please feel free to explore the CHAI website in its entirety.  For a tour of CHAI, please visit our education room and click on the link provided.  Whether you are just beginning in your quest for more information regarding handwriting analysis or you are a professional in the field, CHAI offers education and support on all levels depending on the expertise of each individual.