Brian Sadwin

The following letter is to express my thanks to Karen Weinberg, QDE.  Without Grapho-therapy, I would not be living the life I do now.

Let me introduce myself. I was in a bad car accident on May 2, 2012. I walked away with what I thought was no injuries; However, after a few days people began to notice I was not quite myself. I did not realize how much difficulty I was having doing  my normal  routine. I had become very forgetful and quite nasty to people. I was having extreme difficulty doing my job which involved a lot of memory . I also realized that my cooking ability had become a chore instead of fun activity.

I was quite good at cooking at following recipes before the accident and after the accident I could not even follow the steps necessary to complete the item I was cooking. I was missing steps and forgetting ingredients.  Unsure of whether I added an ingredient I would find myself doubling the ingredients. Even recipes that I had made for years I could not accomplish correctly. My famous chocolate chip recipe is not the same when you double the baking powder and forget the baking soda. I can not count how many batches I tried to reassemble the egg shells since I forgot how many eggs  I had cracked. I usually would throw the batch out and start again.

Driving my car was extremely difficult. I would get lost and not be able to arrive at the destination even though I had gone there many times. I would miss a turn and then when I realized I went to far I would turn around and back track. Sounds simple enough but I could not remember how far I went past the turn so I turn around again. This happened so many times I would leave my house early just to get to the doctors appointment on time.

I have a degree in accounting so I was always a numbers person. I began questioning whether I paid a bill or not. I remembered that my credit card was due on the 13th but could not remember if I paid the bill. Many times I would duplicate a payment by mistake.

I was sent for testing and found that I was suffering from post concussive syndrome. In many of the memory tests I was at the third grade level. Doctors prescribed several different courses of medicines. These were all a waste of time . Once I left  to go to my doctor’s appointment one hour early. I arrived 30 minutes late in tears because I could not figure out how to get there.

Dr. Sadwin referred me to Ms. Karen Weinberg who worked with me using  her grapho- therapy treatment. It was a year long process. In the beginning it was difficult but she encouraged me to continue and not get discouraged.

I was so excited one day when I went to the mall to get something and when I left I actually remembered where I parked my car. I know it sounds silly but I was so happy that I was able to remember where I parked the car. For a long time I avoided those circumstances that would tax my memory and ended up staying at home except for going to work. I would have skipped work also if I could.

Skip forward two years. For Christmas I gave out a cookbook that I had printed of all my recipes. Two years ago I never could have typed all those recipes into my computer. I also made all my recipes and took pictures of the items for the book. The book was well received by all. It was suggested that I get the book

Right now I just finished a patchwork quilt. The quilt has 256 squares all assembled in a certain order. I never even would have considered that project two years ago.

My only response is thank goodness for grapho-therapy I never would have been  able to survive living on my own today. I am sure I would have needed some type of assistance to be able to do the basic requirements to survive in this world.   I recommend this treatment plan to anybody who for any reason is having difficulty doing the things that they used to be able do whether it is  because of an motor vehicle accident or other illness.


Sincerely ,

Brian Sadwin