Author Title Review
Phyllis Harrison Helping Your Health Through Handwriting Through handwriting, persons are able to change their entire lives for the better. Phyllis helps us to be able to spot health indicators in our handwriting. A book worth possessing.
Rose Lajoie Toomey Health Clues in Handwriting Rose shows us how to identify the clues to the possibilities of health as they appear in handwriting.  This is a step by step guide.

Patricia Wellingham-Jones


Successful Women: Their Health & Handwriting Successful Women is a refreshingly different kind of book. Its focus is not on the down side of the contemporary working woman- distress, ill health, depression, or burnout. Rather, it attends to the upside. Who are the women who successfully achieve balance in their lives? How are their perspectives, daily habits, and coping styles different from the rest? What can be learned from them that can be helpful- in practical ways- to individual women, to their spouses, to children, to friends, to students, and to clients?

You will find reading- and re-reading- this book a treat. Hopefully you will find it useful for moving toward true success- and aiding others along that road as well.”

Review written by Walt Schaefer, PhD

Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya What’s Going On Upstairs? Assessing Mental Health Using Forensic Handwriting Analysis Match the symptoms listed in the psychologist’s statistical manual (DSM-IV-TR) to the handwriting indicators.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya Art of Personality: Assessing Drawings Using Handwriting Analysis Find out if someone is homicidal or suicidal by looking at their drawings, sketches, doodles, and artwork using a handwriting analysis perspective.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya No Suicide Notes Necessary: Assessing Suicidal Thoughts & Actions in Handwriting Watch the writer go from mere thoughts toward action. Examine the “progression” in real cases. Find out if someone is truly suicidal or is just attention-seeking.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya No Doc, No Drugs: Heal Yourself with Handwriting Formation Therapy This book is no longer available anywhere. If you are lucky enough to find one, keep it!