Iris Hatfield

Iris started the study of handwriting analysis in 1965 when she skeptically picked up a book on graphology in the public library.  She tried to prove it wrong and became intrigued enough to start an extensive search for more information.  The more she researched, the more convinced she became of the concept that handwriting is a reflection of the personality and character of the writer.

She is a graduate of the International Graphoanalysis Society and became a Certified Graphoanalyst in 1969.  To this knowledge she combined many American and European graphology methods to develop the HuVista Analysis System (H.A.S.) of personnel evaluation.  The H.A.S. has been utilized to professionally analyze more than 45,000 handwriting samples.  A leader in the field, HuVista’s client list contains Fortune 500 corporations as well as small and medium size companies.  The HuVista motto is “Every Person Is Worth Understanding.”

After analyzing and researching business people and successful entrepreneurs, she wanted to understand the other side of the coin, the convicted criminal.  The primary source of research for the Question of Honesty book came from her work with the Kentucky Prison System.  Iris collected handwriting samples and talked with the prisoners individually for a period of two years.  After analyzing these and numerous other handwriting samples, Iris and the HuVista analysts felt the database was significant enough to share the findings with others.  Iris also co-authored with Catherine Beverly, Write Sayings Right Now, a book for analysts on how to describe handwriting traits in business terms.

Understanding how difficult it can be to obtain significant numbers of handwriting samples for research, Iris founded the Human Graphics Center and Library in 1992.  It is a non-profit organization devoted to the collection of samples and promoting research in the human graphics field of handwriting, drawings, and doodles.

Iris is an international speaker and Certified Life coach.  Consulting and coaching people in all walks of life since 1969, she enjoys “bringing out the best in people” through professional handwriting analysis and life coaching.