Title Author Review
Test Your Personality, Discover Your Character From the Figures You Write Rudi Danor and Gloria Moss A delightful book showing how the way you write your numbers reveals your personality. A must-have for every handwriting analyst.
Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life Vimala Rodgers This is a wonderful book that covers the whole alphabet, what the individual letters mean, their special groupings, and their application to daily life. It also covers the process of grapho-therapy “Vimala style”. The writing style is warm and easy, nicely illustrated too. I’d consider this book to be an intermediate level for learning.
The Printer Ted Widmer If you’ve ever wondered what was going on in the mind and heart of a printer, this book does an excellent and caring job of explaining the complexities of our beloved printers. Well written and easy to read, it’s a must for every Graphologist to have in their library, from the beginning student level, to advanced.