Author Title Review
Barbara Hill Handwriting Analysis as a Guide to Careers Just reading this one now, but looks good so far.
Kimon Iannetta Precision Personnel Placement Behavioral Profiling for the Human Resources Professional. A basic look at handwriting analysis with a focus on choosing the right candidate for the job.

This user-friendly manual is designed specifically to demonstrate the use of handwriting analysis as a Human Resources assessment tool. Numerous handwriting samples visually illustrate how personality variables relate to employee selection and placement. This system allows Human Resources professionals, regardless of graphology experience, to expand their assessment of prospective or current employees efficiently, discreetly and accurately.

Judith A. Piani CGA, and Hedy Bookin-Weiner PhD, CGA Trait Secrets Based on the premise “Normal is what I am”, this book looks at office dynamics and the different personalities found there. It’s principles and the Piani Trait System can be applied in any situation anywhere.

This is an excellent book for understanding office dynamics, why people seem to not act ‘normal’. Based on the premise “Normal is what I am”, the writers explain in an easy and relaxed way how to understand the differences in others. Even though the office is the primary focus for the book, the techniques are applicable for any relationship. It combines handwriting analysis with psychology. I found it delightful and very informative. Intermediate to advanced learning. Graphologists with HR clients should consider this book for their library.

Eldene Whiting Traitmatch–Discovering the Occupational Personality Through Handwriting Analysis This is based on traits, as the name would suggest, for hiring purposes.  The information is excellent, but the worksheets get a bit complicated