Author Title Review
Reed Hayes Forensic Handwriting Examination: A Definitive Guide Forensic handwriting examination discusses the fundamentals of writing identification, as well as more complex concerns including rhythm, speed, and skill level.
Jess E. Dines Document Examiner Text Book Over 250 questions (with answers) used in cross-examinations and depositions.
W.R. Harrison Suspect Documents: Their Scientific Examination
Ordway Hilton Scientific Examination of Questioned Documents An excellent modern text on forensic document examination.
Ordway Hilton Detecting and Deciphering Erased Pencil Writing
A.Q. Morton Literary Detection: How to Prove Authorship and Fraud in Literature and Documents Presentation of “Stylometric Analysis,” a means of identifying authorship on the basis of certain stylistic elements.
Joe Nickell Detecting Forgery Forensics Examination of Documents If you even think you might be interested in this field, take a look at this book.  Normally borrowed from the nearest law library.
Joe Nickell Pen, Ink, and Evidence: A Study of Writing and Writing Materials for the Penman, Collector, and Document Detective A nuts-and-bolts approach to document study in 5 parts. Pens, ink, paper, writing and examining. Profusely illustrated.
Charles E. O’Hara Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation Includes chapters on “Invisible Radiation” and “Documentary Evidence”.
Albert Osborne Questioned Documents Classic text recommended as much for its treatment of the basics of document examination as for its technical information.
Kenneth E. Rendell Forging History: The Detection of Fake Letters and Documents. Illustrates how to detect forged historical writings.
The FBI The FBI Handwriting Analysis Manual —
They Write Their Own Sentences
Introduction to the work of the Document Section of the FBI Laboratory.
E.E. Thoyt How to Decipher and Study Old Documents
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya I Didn’t Write That: Solving Forgeries & Anonymous Notes Beginners guide to solving forgeries and identifying the writers of anonymous notes.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya Case Files of a Forensic Handwriting Expert Some of my best case files including case background, handwriting samples examined, case outcomes, and follow-up comments from clients regarding the case.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya Write Liar: Detecting Deception in Handwriting Learn to detect anxiety, lies, and areas of deception in handwriting. Never be lied to again!