Author Title Review
Miranda Cahn How Compatible are You? Done in chart form and easy to understand, very basic.
Bart Baggett The Secrets to Making Love Happen This is an excellent reference for the beginning student of handwriting analysis. Trait based, Bart has a hauntingly accurate way of describing the more common traits found in handwriting.
Beverly East Finding Mr. Write A new slant on selecting the perfect mate. Stop looking at words and check out how he writes. Handwriting is brain-writing; it is frozen body language.  Includes more than just HWA, like what a man finds attractive in a woman and other non handwriting stuff.

Fiona MacKay Young


Who’s Hot, Who’s Not Is the dating scene getting you down? Take heart because help is on the way! Fiona MacKay Young’s book, Who’s Hot, Who’s Not has taken the dating scene to a higher level. By using handwriting analysis, Ms. MacKay Young helps us avoid the pitfalls of finding a suitable love interest. For those of us who have already found love, we have Fiona’s insight through handwriting analysis to help us understand the love of our life. This book is definitely a must have. Your emotional survival may depend on it.
Michael Watts Graphology Don’t let the name fool you. This book is about compatibility in the handwriting.
Michael Watts Love Scripts What handwriting reveals about love and sexuality. His book includes a dictionary of doodles. It includes a nice and concise index on the historical evolution of handwriting analysis. A very interesting read.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya Finding Mr. & Mrs. Write: Matchmaking in Handwriting This shows the handwriting samples of couples who are in terrific relationships as well as those in toxic ones. They even share a bit of their “issues” and successes.