Treyce Montoya

When Treyce showed an interest in the field, “Uncle Charlie” began to show her the ropes. She ‘played’ with her new skills with family members. By the age of 13 she knew she wanted to be a “Forensic Psychologist” and realized that handwriting analysis would be a strong ally to the psychology field. Upon graduating high school she closely tutored with Charles until he certified her. Shortly afterward Charles was diagnosed with cancer and passed away; the school closed due to lack of funding and anyone’s ability to run the school.

Since 1987 Treyce has worked diligently on keeping “Uncle Charlie’s” legacy afloat. Through the years she has been featured on many radio and television talk shows as well as in the written media. She is an internationally recognized trainer offering on-site, private and specialized training as well as extensive training for agencies such as the Regional Organized Crime Information Center, International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts both in the U.S. and Mexico, Southern States Correctional Association, Wisconsin Association of Public Assistance Fraud, Texas Probation & Parole Association, various Departments of Correction, Arkansas Probation & Parole, Texas Correctional Association, U.S. Deputy Warden’s Association, Great Lakes Gang Investigators Association and more.

She is the published author of various freelance articles as seen in PI Magazine, Somos Primos, Staying Healthy, College Bound, and many more. She is the author of Teenage Terror – the Personality Behind the Pen and other industry-specific manuals. These manuals were born of her extensive experience related to law enforcement within private and public sectors. Some of her former experience includes working as a correctional officer, academy instructor, field training officer, a private investigator, Senior Agent with Wolverine Recovery and a field supervisor for a national investigative agency. She has used this science in each position extensively.

She has completed casework for Streetcats International, 4theKids, Lost Child Network and Missing & Exploited Children. She has also completed casework on threat assessments, employee screening, profiling of famous cases including Darlie Routier, Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson and the Ramsey ransom note as well as employee theft and screening for employers. Other cases include assisting the Glendale Heights Police Department regarding a case where she told a woman her husband could brutally murder her and a year later – he did. Still another case where she stated that a sheriff deputy in Ohio was dangerous, very aggressive and not trustworthy – 3 years later he moved to Wisconsin and killed his girlfriend. Yet another one where she stated that a Lead Criminal Homicide Investigator in Pass Christian, MS was dangerous and a year later (May 2005) he was arrested for 2 counts of Child Battery and Carnal Knowledge in which he faces 40 years. In fact, she’s discussing these cases with MedStar TV (Forensic Files).

She also specializes in identifying the ‘progression of suicide’ over minutes, days, weeks, months and years to help provide closure to loved ones via psychological autopsies. She has solved forgeries, identified authors of anonymous notes, testified in court, uncovered lies in written statements, solved employee theft, and has worked internationally on a South African murder and Dutch kidnapping cases.

The area of detecting written lies is becoming more and more in demand along with identifying authors of anonymous writings. No matter what the individual’s reason for lying you can be sure handwriting analysis will provide valuable clues. For example, while doing a college internship at a juvenile group home, one of the kids claimed that his wallet was stolen. Treyce had everyone write “I did not steal [his] wallet”. Within hours she found that the boy hid his own wallet (did not want to pay restitution).

Aside from casework and training, she was the Pioneer of a program for the State of Texas (Legislative branches and Juvenile Probation Commission) that was aimed at reducing juvenile recidivism rates via Handwriting Formation Therapy. Treyce is the founder of the Handwriting Formation Therapy program and has had it copyrighted since 1987. There are many private individuals who have changed their life with this therapy (including her over 20 years ago). This program is largely successful because the clients can remain 100% anonymous. The therapy is not new within history but it is new, and never before attempted, within the correctional setting. This project was her dream in 1998 and she is proud to be the pioneer. She plans to pioneering this in domestic violence, chemical dependency, sex offender and adult correctional settings as well. Many other states have contacted her regarding this program.

For the next several years she will remain in college working toward her final goal of a PsyD in Forensic Psychology. She is currently a member of the National Scholar’s Honor Society as well as various Forensic Psychology types of Associations.