Violence & Abuse


Author Title Review

Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya
You Abused Me: Detecting Sexual Abuse in Handwriting Spot victims quick easy using the “victim” checklist.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya I Abused You: Handwriting of Sexual Predators Spot perpetrators quick easy using the “perp” checklist.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya Dangerous Ink: Handwriting of Abusers (those who abuse animals, elderly, babies, and anything / anyone in between). Find the potential to be an abuser in someone’s handwriting quick & easy
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya Written Violence: the Personality Behind the Pen> This shows the handwriting of famous killers and compares them to the handwriting of people in your own neighborhood – both juveniles and adults.
P. Scott Hollander Handwriting Analysis A good basic book. Includes a section on health issues in handwriting.
Bonnie Kalchen and Rose L. Toomey Simplify Handwriting Style A workbook to practice your handwriting. It’s clearly designed and easy to use. Especially important for those who wish to increase legibility in their handwriting.
Irene B. Levitt Brain Writing Irene has done a wonderful job explaining how your handwriting reflects your personality.
Ann Mahony Handwriting and Personality Been around a long time, but a good book in general.
Andrea McNichol Handwriting Analysis: Putting it to Work for You This is a wonderfully loaded and informative book for beginners and a great reference for experienced handwriting analysts. It uses gestalt and provides insightful exercises to test your natural abilities, then explains how one gets to a particular analysis. Well illustrated. 
Sheila Kurtz and Marilyn Lester Grapho-Types This is a very good basic book with leanings towards psychological terminology and explanations for handwriting analysis.
Sheila Lowe The Complete Idiots Guide to Handwriting Analysis This book opens the door to handwriting terms and tools in a down-to-earth and humorous way that will appeal to the seasoned expert as well as a beginner.
Ted Widmer The Printer This book does a great job of explaining about our beloved printers in a caring way that helps one to understand where the printer is ‘coming from’. A must-have reference for all Handwriting Analysts.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya Uncover the Truth: Pocketguide to Handwriting Analysis Learning how to build a quick synopsis of anyone by looking at their handwriting.
Treyce d’Gabriel Montoya That’s Write Taggers… You’re Busted! Learn how to match the gang graffiti to the actual writer and how to tell the approximate height of the culprit to help verify your graphological findings.